I'm currently co-owner and company director of Pixlbox Limited.
I grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand and have worked in software development for most of my professional life. I began working as a programmer in New Zealand in 1999, focused on website development. I then worked in London for 3 years on various projects as well as 1 year living and working in Sydney, Australia.
I returned from Sydney to set up Redweb.co.nz, a web site development company and consultancy based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Redweb focused on building custom web sites, web applications and databases tailored to the a client’s needs. As well as being hands on doing most of the development work I managed a small team of web designers and developers to ensure clients get a successful web site from both a technical and user interface / design perspective.
5 years after running Redweb in New Zealand I moved around the world to Cape Town, South Africa where I started Redweb.co.za, essentially doing the same thing but this time based in Africa.
After nearly 6 years in Cape Town, I returned to Christchurch once again. Most of my current projects are either from Christchurch, New Zealand or Cape Town but I have happy clients from all over the world - Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, USA and more. 
My focus at the moment is on web development / app development and database development work through a company called Pixlbox.co.nz where I am a co-owner and director. If you're interested in finding out more about how Pixlbox can help you develop a custom web site or online database please contact me via carlin@pixlbox.co.nz
Along with my software development work I'm also interested in exploring ways to use internet based technology to improve the world. Two projects I was actively involved include FoodWithAStory.co.za and Ecobob.co.nz. While in Cape Town I spent a bit of time on the Food With A Story project, the aim of which was to raise awareness of the impact food has on the planet and to help people in South Africa make better choices about the food they eat.
In February, March and April 2012 my wife Deni and I spent three months travelling around South Africa as part of a 'Real Food Trip'. We visited a wide variety of amazing artisanal food produces across the country - it is inspiring to see what people are doing out there in the way of sustainable food production.
In New Zealand I keep an eye on the latest developments in sustainable architecture and building as part of the Ecobob.co.nz project. It's a goal of mine to build a sustainable house using as many ecologically friendly features as possible. With rising energy costs and increasing environmental damage I think it is imperative we build houses that have a lower impact on the planet.
I'm also interested in video game development, specifically using video games for educational purposes and am exploring ways to create games for children that both entertain and educate. My 'game engine' of choice is Unity3D given it's use of C# (a programming language I'm intimately familiar with) and wide range of services.
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